Computer to Plate |
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Computer to Plate

FujiFilm Javelin 8600 NII-S

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We offer imaged metal plates for commercial offset presses in most sizes and gauges. Your press operator can punch them and start running as soon as they arrive.

  • 6, 8, and 12 gauges
  • All press sizes up to 40″
  • Thermal plates reusable up to 300,000 impressions
  • Superior dot reproduction and registration

your plates or ours

We image FujiFilm’s Superia LH-PJ plates for our customers. It is a processed plate that provides excellent offset reproduction for most press applications.  Our platesetter is also capable of imaging process-less plates (such as FujiFilm ZD or AGFA Azura). This is especially useful in backup situations where we can image on our customer’s existing plate material. If you are interested in having us provide plates using your metal, please contact Andy for more information.