Film Imagesetting |
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Film Imagesetting

yes, we still make film

Download our price list

We operate two AGFA Avantra imagesetters and can provide film in any size up to 36″ x 44.5″. Turnaround is fast, density is excellent and dot quality is superb. Film output has been a core business for us since 1995, and we are one of the best providers in the market. Here are some additional film specs:

  • 4ml thickness, in satin or matte finish
  • Registration punches available on request
  • Multiple screening options (ABS, Stochastic, Hybrid)
  • 1200, 1800, 2400, 3600 DPIs

multiple processes, not just offset

Delta Graphics is experienced with film output for many different production methods:

  • Screen printing
  • Die making
  • Flexography
  • Circuit board printing
  • Alternative Processes ( ie, carbon, platinum and others)

Let’s get calibrated.

If you are an artist creating alternative process prints, you should consider using our film negatives. We will work with you to produce test films so you can build a curve specific to your equipment and method. Once we are setup, we will able to output calibrated films to ensure your artwork is reproduced at the highest level. Contact Andy to get the (alternative) process started!

photo courtesy of Red Studio, Inc
photo courtesy of Red Studio, Inc