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GRACoL 2013 compliant color proofing

Our Epson SureColor proofing system uses 11 Ultrachrome ink colors to produce excellent color reproduction and tonal range. When color is critical we highly recommend a proof to accompany your final film or plates. Contract proofs are measured with a spectrophotometer and certified to meet GRACoL standards. Physical proofs are important because they:

  • Ensure accuracy in content, layout and color reproduction
  • Save on potential re-run costs at press
  • Speed up production by eliminating guesswork

several types of proofs are available

We can provide any or all of the following:

  • softproof : an imposed PDF. Excellent for reviewing content and layout prior to press
  • contract proof: An extremely accurate proof to¬†represent color.
  • imposition: a two sided proof trimmed and folded to show¬†content and construction